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more 50 training sessions per year professionals around Data

Admiral offers training with expert consultants on all of data solutions. Thanks to our training center, we provide the best training programs related to data, and data solutions, based on your objectives, we make sure to give you the best programs that suits your goal. Our expertise is based on more than 7 years of customer projects at the heart of data valuation.

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Learn's tomorrow skills today and unlock new Perspectives

Admiral Academy is a subsidiary dedicated to training, intended to facilitate the acquisition and development of skills in Data. Our Data experts will share with you, remotely or face-to-face, complete programs including different levels of knowledge. From data integration to visualization and analysis, Admiral offers you a tailor-made and unique catalog of Data training.

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Learn from experts

Practical and efficient, we provide a very complete and varied programs to become Data experts. Our range brings courses that fulfilled all the requires from a basic knowledge, to a more pushed complex content,  to have all the keys in hand to get you started in transforming your business through analytics.

A new approach related to your digital transformation

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quality educational content

a satisfaction rate reaching the100%

We are committed to continuous improvement of our teaching methods and tools to ensure the quality of our training.

A high satisfaction rate thanks to the commitment and personalized follow-up of our team.

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Access to the best experts on the market

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an agile solution

Our consultant-trainers are experts in their universe of intervention in consulting and training. Their experience is their strength.

Our flexible approach makes the course of the training quite fluid with face-to-face, distance or hybrid formulas, we adapt to your needs.

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We are here to help you

You have a question ? Our team is here to answer you.

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