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Unlock the power of you data

Where to start ? What data strategy? Which solutions meet your needs? We partner with you to identify the issues and desired outcomes, prioritize your goals, and advise you on the steps to get there using analytics, AI, and related technologies.


Customized and flexible projects and services, including data engineering, data quality, RPA, BI, data science, data migration and data visualization, with round-the-clock managed support services and 7 days a week.

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Business Intelligence

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Data Governance

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Data Architecture

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artificial intelligence

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A know-how of more than 8 years of expertise

We operate in multiple business areas such as insurance, banking, transport and industry. Many departments of the company are involved in the analyzes that we carry out for our clients, such as marketing, accounting and management control.

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Analytics applied to Digital Marketing makes it possible to manage and measure the effectiveness of all the actions carried out by the service. a 360° view of all their campaigns and helps them define if the actions lead to a positive ROI

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Sales analysis can represent, depending on the traceability and detail of the sales circuit, a very large amount of data. We support companies to improve commercial efficiency by analyzing their data. Visualizing and sharing this interactive data allows sales teams to generate relevant information 

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Data can be used as a real lever for transformation. Analytics allows finance to improve the management of financial activity and to make the right decisions to improve efficiency and performance (time saving, acceleration and automation of production cycles, control of the granularity of the information, enhanced prospective vision of forecasts, etc.)

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For multi-site, multi-country organizations with a complex product catalog and supply chain, ERP / WMS have a lot of data that has been little used until now. We help them take advantage of it.

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Human ressources

HR information systems (HRIS) accumulate a growing amount of data. Analytics applied to Human Resources allows 360 management of the company's social management (better decision-making, identification and prevention of departure risks, etc.). We support companies to improve HR efficiency by analyzing their data.

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