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UiPath is recognized worldwide for its RPA leadership and technical excellence. With the largest development team in the industry, they are committed to providing continuous year-round innovation to accelerate your value from automation.

UiPath is an end to end automation platform, combining the leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities and technologies such as AI, process mining and cloud to enable every organization to rapidly scale their digital business operations.

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UiPath's Studio is an automation design tool that allows companies to model required business processes at varying levels of complexity and scale. Studio is a versatile tool with various attractive features and is widely accepted by users ranging from business to programming enthusiasts:

UiPath Studio

  • Drag and drop automate faster in a no-code environment and record your actions

  • Specialized workflow recorders for desktop apps, web apps, and Citrix Comprehensive Library

  •   Predefined drag-and-drop automation templates available to speed up your deployment time

  • Universal, unified search and search across all automation resources

UiPath Orchestrator allows a company to plan, manage and monitor all robots in one secure place. UiPath Orchestrator enables enterprises to deploy and scale their RPA solutions, as well as audit and monitor bot and user activities.

  • Deploy anywhere: in the cloud or on-premises, physical or virtual machines, it's easy to start small and scale quickly Optimally scalable

  • Orchestrator groups bots into queues and keeps them busy with Multi-Tenant priority work

  • Provide a separate and secure space for all groups implementing and deploying RPA transparent documentation

  •  All users and bot actions are tracked and logged in a local SQL database for a full audit trail

Uipath Orchestrator

Admiral digital consulting provides a full range of UiPath consulting services, enabling companies to improve their end-to-end processes through automation. Our custom UiPath consulting services help businesses automate a wide range of robotic processes by mimicking basic, repetitive employee tasks, so your workforce is leaner and your business results are maximized.


We can help you develop the strategies for the UiPath platform you want to deploy while simplifying the automation process, making managing human and virtual workforces exceptionally easy and convenient. Our clients benefit from our consulting services, which are backed by extensive expertise in implementation, support and managed services.

Uipath logo en blanc

Uipath Orchestrator

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