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Citizen Data Scientist

More and more companies today encourage the "DO IT BY YOURSELF” and empower business managers to gain technical competence, hence the concept of Citizen Data Scientist which was invented by Gartner, who defined it as “a person who creates or generates models that take advantage of the 'predictive or prescriptive analytics, but whose primary function is outside the realm of statistics and analytics'.


Citizen Data Scientist Training

Training aims

  • Succeed in all stages of a complex Data Science project

  • Create simple visualizations

  • Run data mining in Tableau

  • Create a Simple Linear Regression (SLR)

  • Create Multiple Linear Regression (MLR)

  • Read statistical software output for created models


Program :

big data analytics

  • The founding concept of Big Data

  • How Big Data Impacts Business Today

  • Analytical capabilities: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive from a Big Data perspective

Analytics Process

  • The analytical process of diagnostic and predictive analysis

  • Data preparation tasks: data collection, data cleaning, data management, and data visualization

  • Build an analytics model - convert unstructured data into quantified metrics

Diagnostic Analytics Essentials

  • Diagnostic analysis objectives, process, data preparation

  • Data modeling for diagnostic analysis with Python and SQL Lab

  • Data visualization for diagnostic analysis

Data Visualization

  • Design concept and data visualization functionality

  • Introduction to tableau software, a powerful and flexible analysis tool

Predictive Analytics Essentials

  • Predictive analytics goals, best practices, process, data preparation, and model building using Python, SQL Lab, and Apache Superset

  • Recognize and select an appropriate machine learning algorithm at your fingertips

  • Predictive modeling - decision tree, clustering with Jupyter Notebook, Python and Scikit-learn


This training is intended for people who aspire to improve their Data Literacy and become independent  in data manipulation through the improvement of their digital skills.

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