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Data Visualization

This training offers an introduction to Data Visualization. They will bring you a methodological and scientific approach to deal with Data Visualization issues. The latter which plays an important role in the valuation of data within companies. It makes information easy to assimilate and integrate into the user's daily life, beyond the construction of simple dashboards.


DataViz training

Training aims

  • Learn the fundamentals of data visualization

  • Design and create a data visualization dashboard Apply data visualization best practices to answer business questions

  • Explore Tableau Software Tools


Program :

Descriptive Analytics

  • The Purpose and Value of Descriptive Analytics

  • Preparing data and tasks for descriptive analysis

Data Visualization

  • Understand key value and apply data visualization best practices

  • Recognize key attributes and styles when visualizing data

Creation of visualization with Tableau software & Power BI

  • Key Features of Tableau Software and Power BI

  • To better understand how Tableau Software and Power BI works, it is necessary to handle the basic concepts of the tool

  • Dimensions and measures management

  • Drag and drop

  • Principles of graphical representations

  • Data aggregation

  • Data preparation for effective data visualization with table and Power BI - modeling, filtering, styling and shape


This training is intended for people who aspire to acquire skills in data visualization. No particular prerequisites are required.

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